The ACT Rainforest Plant Guide for Children

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Dutch version can be read on the ACT Suriname website.

In March, ACT Education and Outreach Coordinator Katia Delvoye delivered ACT Suriname’s newest publication, “My Plants,” to public schools in Suriname’s interior. During her visit to the villages of Apetina and Kwamalasamutu, Katia distributed this second book in the Junior Park Ranger series and its accompanying poster and educational materials. The book covers the names and uses of local plants.

In the Junior Park Ranger books, Suriname’s national education curriculum is linked to Trio and Wayana culture. In this way, students learn required information about science and the natural world in a culturally accessible manner.

The principals of the schools—Arnold Arupa (Apetina) and Susan MacNack (Kwamalasamutu)—were also informed of the forthcoming third book in the series called “My Environment.” The book will be completed in 2016.

Susan MacNack (head of the Kwamalasamutu public school), Katia Delvoye (ACT), and Arnold Arupa with materials from the green education kit. Click to enlarge

To make sure that the books are engaging for students, ACT enlisted young people from the villages, Katia explained.

“We asked children for their input, and to make drawings about the subjects,” she said. “This way, we create a book that reflects the reality of life in the villages.”

Because of the careful attention paid to Trio and Wayana culture in the books, the school principals are enthusiastic about using them. These books are the only materials available that cater to the context of indigenous students living in Suriname’s interior.

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