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Protecting the forest 
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Conservation on the frontlines

Hand-in-hand with indigenous and other local people, we apply the power of innovation and time-tested traditional practices to protect the forests and watersheds of tropical America.

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The Amazon Conservation Team and the Colombian Constitutional Court are culturally and linguistically adapting the primary rulings of the Court to 26 indigenous languages. The project seeks to ensure the promotion and dissemination of as well as access to the decisions of the Court that benefit ethnic communities. The adaptation, beyond being literal, creates visual, graphic and audio tools that facilitate ethnic communities access to information on the court’s most significant decisions. 

This project promotes the self-determination and governance of these communities, along with respect for human dignity. To learn more, click below to find out where it was implemented and which communities were involved. 

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Learn more about the areas we work in, how we partner with local communities and what we do to protect the rain forest.

Lands of Freedom

The oral history and cultural heritage of the Matawai Maroons in Suriname

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The Amazonian Travels of Richard Evans Schultes

Explore magical landscapes and indigenous cultures of the Amazon.

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Legalization of Indigenous Territories in Colombia

Advances in the Consolidation of Biocultural Corridors.

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Amazon Gold Rush: Gold Mining in Suriname

Learn about impacts of Suriname's primary driver of deforestation.

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Waira Nina Jacanamijoy, leader of the educational process of the Inga community of Caquetá

Yachaikury: cómo aprender desde el territorio, la espiritualidad y la medicina tradicional

Click here to read this piece in English Encontramos muchas problemáticas desastrosas que nos inspiraron a tomar decisiones inmediatas. Hicimos ...
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Waira Nina Jacanamijoy, leader of the educational process of the Inga community of Caquetá

Yachaikury: How to learn from the territory, spirituality, and traditional medicine

Haz clic aquí para leer el artículo en español An interview with the Inga indigenous leader Doris Waira Nina Jacanamijoy ...
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Pioneers in ethno-education in Caquetá: The importance of Yachaikury

This text explores the thoughts of Flora Macas Zhigue from the Yachaikury School in Colombia on the importance of ethno-education. ...
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When you invest in us, you are helping to protect the forest and its guardians. Together we can work to save the Amazon, an invaluable resource that we all need to survive.