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Good news everyone! The Andoke de Aduche Indigenous Reserve in the Colombian Amazon is expanded, connecting it to the world’s largest rainforest conservation corridor.

With support from the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT), the Andoke de  Aduche  reserve was expanded by 126,287 hectares, now totaling  188,466 hectares and connecting to a 10-million-hectare conservation corridor the size of Portugal. This expansion consolidates a biocultural corridor made up of national parks and the indigenous reserves of the Colombian Amazon including those of  the  murui-muinaɨ  (Uitoto),  féénemɨnaa  (Muinane),  and  po’siɵ’hɵ  (Andoke).  This important achievement would not have been possible without the support of the Andes Amazon Fund and the Colombian government.


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