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We collaborate with indigenous and other local communities to co-create and realize new methods of conservation that honor the interdependent relationship of the forest and its peoples — and protect both. 


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Help us return ancestral lands to indigenous hands!

Our partners in South America are fighting to reclaim and protect their territories. When you donate to our Land Fund, your gift goes directly to purchasing ancestral lands and returning them to their rightful owners. Right now, the Land Fund needs your support to purchase 2,385 acres in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Amazon-Andes transition regions.

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Learn more about the areas we work in, how we partner with local communities, and what we do to protect the rainforest.

The Guiana Shield: One of the Last Wild Places on Earth

Learn about the importance of advancing the consolidation of a 30-million-hectare biocultural corridor across the eastern Guiana Shield, jointly managed by local communities and national governments.

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Collective Rights Violated During the Pandemic

Cartography of 2017 cases of collective rights violations in six Latin American countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, including an analysis of how communities have defended their territories.

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25 Years of Biocultural Conservation: The Amazon Conservation Team's 25th Anniversary

For the last 25 years, ACT’s decisions have been guided by close consultation with our partner communities, particularly the elders, who have defined our priorities in the fight for ancestral land rights and protection.

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Lands of Freedom: The oral history and cultural heritage of the Matawai Maroons in Suriname

Learn about the oral history and cultural heritage of a Surinamese Afro-descendant community who fought for their right to exist in the rainforest centuries ago (2020, English and Dutch).

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The first official map in Colombia in an indigenous language in danger of disappearing

July 30, 2023By María Paula Lizarazo Click here for original article in Spanish by El Espectador For the first time ...
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Biocultural restoration at Jaba Tañiwashkaka 

A Kogui sacred site   Many know the Kogui indigenous people of Colombia for their worldview: the Sierra Nevada de Santa ...
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From logging to reforestation: how the peasant farmers of Colombia’s Bajo Caguán region changed

By María Fernanda Lizcano / March 13, 2023 Click here for original article in Spanish on Mongabay Haz clic aquí para leer ...
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When you invest in us, you are helping to protect the forest and its guardians. Together we can work to save the Amazon, an invaluable resource that we all need to survive.