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Hand-in-hand with indigenous and other local people, we apply the power of innovation and time-tested traditional practices to protect the forests and watersheds of tropical America.

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In August and September 2019, sections of the Amazon experienced historical levels of fire, notably in northern Brazil and across the border in Bolivia.  Though fires normally increase at this time of year due to natural causes, these conflagrations were largely the result of encouragement of human land clearing for agriculture and logging.  Once started, some raged out of control without national-level response.

Like you, ACT sees enormous urgency in addressing these factors.

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Legalization of Indigenous Territories in Colombia

Advances in the Consolidation of Biocultural Corridors.

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Keeng Kumu: Indigenous Cartographer

The life and travels of an indigenous mapping expert

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The Amazonian Travels of Richard Evans Schultes

Explore magical landscapes and indigenous cultures of the Amazon.

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Amazon Gold Rush: Gold Mining in Suriname

Learn about impacts of Suriname's primary driver of deforestation.

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Revista Semana Article Dec 2019

How Indigenous Lands are Being Titled in Antioquia

Source: Revista Semana December 15, 2019 Original article in Spanish Nine indigenous reserves have been established in Antioquia since 2016. ...
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The Amazon Conservation Team’s strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency have again earned it a 4-star rating ...
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Brown waters of the Amazon river from above

960 individual specimens and more than 328 species of flora and fauna identified in the Serranía de Chiribiquete National Park

This document is an English translation of a press release from the Colombian National Parks System: October 29, 2019. Original ...
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When you invest in us, you are helping to protect the forest and its guardians. Together we can work to save the Amazon, an invaluable resource that we all need to survive.