Protect the forest 
with indigenous peoples

Championing land rights, leadership, and living traditions

Frontline communities of Amazonia are fighting to protect their homelands and ways of life. In solidarity with partner communities, our rights-based approach expands indigenous territories, improves collective well-being, and promotes indigenous leadership.


Accomplishments by the numbers


years in


million acres of indigenous reserve expansions and creations


million acres under improved sustainable management

Ancestral Tides is a special initiative to protect coastal ecosystems and sea turtles by connecting indigenous-led conservation efforts and revitalizing associated indigenous knowledge. Many indigenous peoples living near coastal ecosystems have profound relationships with the ocean, which not only provides bountiful food sources, but also holds great cultural and spiritual significance.

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Learn more about the areas we work in, how we partner with local communities, and what we do to protect the rainforest.

Living Territories: Stories of Territorial Justice

Join the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) for stories of the ways in which our work to improve territorial rights is helping to empower communities to help manage and preserve some of the world’s most critical ecosystems.

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Collective Rights Violated During the Pandemic

Cartography of 2017 cases of collective rights violations in six Latin American countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, including an analysis of how communities have defended their territories.

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The Guiana Shield: One of the Last Wild Places on Earth

Learn about the importance of advancing the consolidation of a 30-million-hectare biocultural corridor across the eastern Guiana Shield, jointly managed by local communities and national governments.

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25 Years of Biocultural Conservation: The Amazon Conservation Team's 25th Anniversary

For the last 25 years, ACT’s decisions have been guided by close consultation with our partner communities, particularly the elders, who have defined our priorities in the fight for ancestral land rights and protection.

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Rights in the Territory: The Raizal Community 

The Rights in the Territory initiative -- “Derechos en el Territorio” in Spanish -- has as its objective the effective dialogue ...
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Young indigenous voices lead the future: ACT-Colombia’s Youth Advisory Board 

A youth advisory board member during a conservation workshop 9 indigenous youths from across Colombia Time and time again, we ...
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Conservation victory in Colombia’s deforestation hotspot 

In indigenous lands along the Caquetá River, a deforestation threat   On the shores of the Caquetá River, among tall ...
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