Storytelling Maps

Learn about the culture, geography, and history of Amazonian rainforest communities — and the environmental and political threats which they face — through the following works of map-driven digital storytelling such as ESRI story maps, created by the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT).

Learn about the oral history and cultural heritage of a Surinamese Afro-descendant community who fought for their right to exist in the rainforest centuries ago (2020, English and Dutch)
Explore the magical landscapes and indigenous cultures of the the Colombian Amazon through the travels of the legendary ethobotanist Richard Evans Schultes. (2018, English and Spanish)
Take a trip to the frontier of deforestation in the Colombian Amazon, where illicit actors are coercing local indigenous communities to cut down valuable trees through systems of insurmountable debt. (2018, Spanish)
Learn about the important role of indigenous land rights in tropical forest conservation and see how recent advances in indigenous land titling in Colombia are supporting regional conservation efforts. (2017, English and Spanish)
Explore the unique life and travels of Keeng Kumu, an indigenous Waiwai mapping expert from the northeast Amazon, through maps, photos, and biographical narrative. (2017, English and Dutch)
Learn about the political and legal struggles of the Sarayaku community in Ecuador against unwanted petroleum exploitation on their ancestral lands. (2016, English and Spanish)
Suriname's vast and ancient rainforests remain one of the world's best-kept natural secrets, but the global demand for an age-old mineral threatens to destroy them. (2015, English)