Ancestral Tides Working to Conserve Coastal Ecosystems & Protect Sea Turtles by Laura Monti

Ancestral Tides gathering with leaders from indigenous coastal communities from Mexico, Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica

“Sea turtles, a species emblematic of the connection between the two great biomes the desert and tropical rainforests, are an indicator of the health of marine and coastal ecosystems. Utilizing both indigenous knowledge and western scientific traditions, the indigenous sea turtle conservation communities exchanged knowledge and strategies to simultaneously conserve these coastal ecosystems and sea turtles while revitalizing associated cultural traditions”.

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Colombian National Land Agency formalizes fourth expansion of the Kogui-Malayo-Arhuaco Indigenous Reserve 

The KMA reserve is inhabited by three of the four peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: the Wiwa people (Malayo or Arzario), Kággaba (Kogui) and Ikᵾ (Arhuaco), with jurisdiction in the departments of Magdalena, Cesar and La Guajira. 3,575 indigenous families benefit from the 213 new hectares, which are allocated to cultural and environmental protection and recovery between the upper and lower areas of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, increasing the area of ​​the reserve to just over 407,839 hectares. 

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The Amazon Conservation Team at ubf-2024

Wuta, Trio man from the indigenous village of Kwamalasamutu in southern Suriname.

A field-based conservation organization that partners with indigenous and other local communities to protect tropical forests and strengthen traditional culture. Visit our booth at ubf-2024, to learn about our unique model of Amazon rainforest management in Suriname. For over 25 years, ACT has co-created new methods of conservation with our partners that honor the interdependent…

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