For the first time, Colombian Constitutional Court rulings are being translated into indigenous languages

This initiative serves to highlight the importance and contributions of the indigenous population to the development of Colombian society.

The Amazon Conservation Team and the Colombian Constitutional Court have joined forces to culturally and idiomatically interpret the most significant rulings of the Colombian Constitutional Court with respect to the protection of the nation’s ethnic communities. In a first project phase, the partners and indigenous community members adapted these rulings to 26 of the nation’s 65 languages.

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Renewable Energy and Community Resilience in Amazonia

As part of a partnership with the C.S. Mott Foundation, which has brought solar energy to nearly 5,500 people in some of the Amazon’s most remote communities, ACT was able to install more than 570 solar energy systems during the pandemic, a crucial resource due to the ongoing interruptions caused by Covid-19.

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Facing Food Insecurity on the Front Lines: Agroforestry Solutions in the Amazon Rainforest During the COVID-19 Crisis

As COVID-19 spread quickly in South America, rapidly transforming it into an epicenter of the pandemic and drastically affecting its economy, the number of people experiencing severe food insecurity in the region grew substantially. The forecasted contraction of the regional economy for 2020, estimated at 9.4%, will be the biggest drop in the region’s history,…

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Our COVID-19 Response: Update

Boats delivering supplies in Medio Rio Caqueta

The pandemic is hitting indigenous communities of the Amazon from all sides. They are in dire need of support to ward off the virus and save human lives right now, and to protect their cultures and forests from mounting ecological threats and economic pressures.

ACT is continuing to scale our efforts to support communities in tackling this critical issue from within in alliance with local organizations and government agencies. In areas where aid is simply not available or public services lack the capacity or will to independently reach communities in need, our work has been indispensable.

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Amazon Women: The Guardians of Biodiversity

September 25, 2020 By Juliana Jaimes For more than a year, the indigenous peoples of the Curare Los Ingleses and Manacaro reserves in the lower Caquetá River region have been carrying out a weekly census of the species that exist in their territory. This is work historically reserved for men. The expedition that the indigenous…

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Interview with Evandro Bernardi | Covid-19 Response

We sat down with ACT’s Evandro Bernardi for a firsthand look at how indigenous communties in the Brazilian Amazon are being impacted by the virus, and how ACT-Brasil is helping them respond to this crisis. Evandro has worked with indigenous communities for more than 20 years, and coordinates ACT’s fieldwork in the northeastern region of…

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