Yachaikury: How to learn from the territory, spirituality, and traditional medicine

Waira Nina Jacanamijoy, leader of the educational process of the Inga community of Caquetá

This text tells the story of the founding of the Yachaikury School. Faced with disastrous problems, the Inga community of Caquetá took the opportunity to make decisions for their own well-being. From this, the foundation was laid for Yachaikury, a school that pairs traditional indigenous knowledge with standard education. This brings autonomy to the communities and memory of their traditions.

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For the first time, Colombian Constitutional Court rulings are being translated into indigenous languages

This initiative serves to highlight the importance and contributions of the indigenous population to the development of Colombian society.

The Amazon Conservation Team and the Colombian Constitutional Court have joined forces to culturally and idiomatically interpret the most significant rulings of the Colombian Constitutional Court with respect to the protection of the nation’s ethnic communities. In a first project phase, the partners and indigenous community members adapted these rulings to 26 of the nation’s 65 languages.

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Por primera vez las sentencias más emblemáticas de la Corte Constitucional colombiana, en temas de defensa de las comunidades étnicas, se adaptan a lenguas indígenas

Por primera vez, se unen fuerzas para interpretar cultural e idiomáticamente las sentencias más emblemáticas de la Corte Constitucional colombiana, en temas de defensa de las comunidades étnicas. Amazon Conservation Team se alió con la Corte Constitucional para, en una primera etapa, trabajar con 26 lenguas de las 65 que tiene el país. Este esfuerzo plantea un precedente para la defensa de los derechos de los indígenas, su autodeterminación y gobernanza, además fortalece lo dictado por la Constitución Política de Colombia de 1991 y la sociedad pluralista que espera ser.

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Facing Food Insecurity on the Front Lines: Agroforestry Solutions in the Amazon Rainforest During the COVID-19 Crisis

As COVID-19 spread quickly in South America, rapidly transforming it into an epicenter of the pandemic and drastically affecting its economy, the number of people experiencing severe food insecurity in the region grew substantially. The forecasted contraction of the regional economy for 2020, estimated at 9.4%, will be the biggest drop in the region’s history,…

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Official Statement: The Passing of Robinson López Descanse

With immense pain, we mourn the passing of our friend and colleague Robinson López Descanse, Climate Change Coordinator of COICA (Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin) and former Human Rights Coordinator of OPIAC (Organization of Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon). With great sadness, we say goodbye to Robinson. We honor the valuable and immense work…

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Comunicado Oficial: fallecimiento de Robinson López Descanse

Con inmenso dolor lamentamos el fallecimiento de nuestro amigo y colega Robinson López Descanse, Coordinador de Cambio Climático de COICA (Coordinadora de las Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica) y ex coordinador de DDHH de OPIAC. Despedimos con mucha tristeza a Robinson, reconociendo el valioso e inmenso trabajo que hizo por los derechos humanos de…

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