Ongoing ACT Support for Suriname’s Green Education Chest Initiative

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From January 16 to 18, 2016, ACT contributed to a capacity building workshop for local teachers centering on the nation’s Green Education Chest initiative. ACT Suriname Education and Outreach Coordinator Katia Delvoye led a training exercise for 35 instructors from the Brokopondo primary schools, showcasing the potential use of the series of ACT-produced Junior Park Ranger books and posters to convey the biological richness of Suriname’s vast southern rainforests.  Beyond that series, each Chest contains four further ACT publications: The Shaman’s ApprenticeThe Sun has No HouseLija, Sawo and ArimiWapono pakoro; and Macrofungi.

District Brokopondo secretary Mr. F. Linga en Director of Ministry of Natural Resources, Mr. D. Abeleven

The Green Education Chest initiative seeks to equip all primary schools in Suriname with reading and supplementary materials on ecology and biodiversity within the existing structure of school libraries, and to provide teachers with the training necessary to fully utilize the specialized materials. To date, more than 150 educators have been trained from the national districts of Paramaribo, Wanica, Para, Commewijne, and Brokopondo.  The initiative commenced in 2012, led by WWF Guianas, and is now coordinated by an arm of Suriname’s Ministry of Physical Planning, Land Use, and Forest Management. SORTS (Foundation for Development through Radio & Television in Suriname) was the supporting partner for this most recent training event.

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