GANT Launches Social Entrepreneurship Initiative, Highlights ACT

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“Am I ready to hang up my spurs and have tenure and retire and play golf? No, of course not. I want to know more. And besides, being in the jungle with the native people is why I got into this field.”

Despite my self-effacing nature (I believe my entire staff is clearing their throats at this moment), I was flattered when approached by GANT to participate in their new campaign showcasing social entrepreneurs. The original GANT shirt was produced in New Haven, Connecticut and became the model for business shirts everywhere. I vividly remember seeing them in the window of the Yale Coop on my way to classes at the Forestry School in the late 1970s.

Though I have been profiled elsewhere, it is still a bit startling to view one’s image writ large on Wall Street shop windows, billboards in Stockholm, and even on the back of London taxi receipts. However, a photo of the great shaman Korotai—a fellow ACT staffer—adorns the back of the entry form given to every tourist arriving in Suriname, so I like to think I am in pretty good company. At ACT, we of course hope that this novel publicity brings more people to our message and cause, as well as to the equally worthy efforts of the other social entrepreneurs who grace the GANT Brand Campaign.

-Mark J. Plotkin, Ph.D.

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