ACT Participates in Suriname’s Annual Children’s Book Festival

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Dutch version can be read on the ACT Suriname website.

In March, representatives from ACT and a team of indigenous people prepared a booth in the form of a traditional hut for the Children’s Book Festival in Suriname’s capital city, Paramaribo. ACT’s festival theme is “A Journey to South Suriname.”

For the occasion, ACT brought a Trio storyteller from the indigenous village of Kwamalasamutu whose knowledge of traditional medicine is renowned.

“Most of our employees are currently in the field,” said ACT Suriname Director Minu Parahoe. “It is a real challenge for us to participate in the festival, but everyone is very enthusiastic.”

From left to right: Wuta, Siofan, and Berto. Click to enlarge

Every day, ACT expects approximately 180 students from different schools to participate.

“We hope that the children will enjoy [A Journey to South Suriname] and gain a better understanding of our brothers and sisters in south Suriname,” Minu said.

ACT’s Junior Park Ranger guide to plants, an educational tool created in collaboration with indigenous communities in Suriname’s rainforest interior, will be an important part of the program, according to ACT Education and Outreach Coordinator Katia Delvoye.

“We hope that children will learn Trio and Wayana words and about the importance of nature for the communities,” Katia said.

During the festival, ACT will host an auction for the Junior Park Ranger publication series, which includes three books, and will also sell arts and crafts from the villages. Items available include hammocks, jewelry, and wooden benches.

“With the sale of these products, we will support the small-scale handicraft producers in the villages of Apetina, Kwamalasamutu, Tepu, and Sipaliwini,” ACT’s Xanegay Sabajo explained.

The theme of the festival is “Growing”—a word that also describes ACT’s current activities. Follow our website for updates during the Children’s Book Festival and for general updates from the field.

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