Our COVID-19 Response: Update

Boats delivering supplies in Medio Rio Caqueta

The pandemic is hitting indigenous communities of the Amazon from all sides. They are in dire need of support to ward off the virus and save human lives right now, and to protect their cultures and forests from mounting ecological threats and economic pressures.

ACT is continuing to scale our efforts to support communities in tackling this critical issue from within in alliance with local organizations and government agencies. In areas where aid is simply not available or public services lack the capacity or will to independently reach communities in need, our work has been indispensable.

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Interview with Evandro Bernardi | Covid-19 Response

We sat down with ACT’s Evandro Bernardi for a firsthand look at how indigenous communties in the Brazilian Amazon are being impacted by the virus, and how ACT-Brasil is helping them respond to this crisis. Evandro has worked with indigenous communities for more than 20 years, and coordinates ACT’s fieldwork in the northeastern region of…

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Official Statement: The Passing of Robinson López Descanse

With immense pain, we mourn the passing of our friend and colleague Robinson López Descanse, Climate Change Coordinator of COICA (Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin) and former Human Rights Coordinator of OPIAC (Organization of Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon). With great sadness, we say goodbye to Robinson. We honor the valuable and immense work…

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Comunicado Oficial: fallecimiento de Robinson López Descanse

Con inmenso dolor lamentamos el fallecimiento de nuestro amigo y colega Robinson López Descanse, Coordinador de Cambio Climático de COICA (Coordinadora de las Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica) y ex coordinador de DDHH de OPIAC. Despedimos con mucha tristeza a Robinson, reconociendo el valioso e inmenso trabajo que hizo por los derechos humanos de…

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Comunicado Oficial: fallecimiento de Luis Hernando “Bufeo” Rivas Cubeo

Lamentamos profundamente el fallecimiento de Luis Hernando “Bufeo” Rivas Cubeo, cofundador de la comunidad indígena de Borikada en el Resguardo Curare los Ingleses.  Su generosidad con el conocimiento lo llevó a ser un puente entre el mundo de las organizaciones no gubernamentales y de gobierno.  En el 2017, Luis se unió al equipo del Parque Nacional…

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COVID-19 Response June, 2020

COVID-19 Repsonse, Vaupes, Colombia

The pandemic is still sweeping through the Amazon, showing how exposed this seemingly impermeable forest can be. Indigenous and traditional communities of the rainforest are in dire need of support.
ACT continues to band together with civil society and governments in Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and Suriname to mitigate and manage the crisis locally. Our partners span universities, public health departments, volunteer air patrols, health NGOs, indigenous organizations, ACT-trained Amazon Conservation Rangers, and more.

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French humanitarian operation for indigenous Surinamese

July 11, 2020 – Publication: StarNieuws France has donated 280 aid packages totaling some 4,000 kg of food and basic goods to indigenous Surinamese villages severely affected by Covid-19, flooding and isolation. The first packages were brought to Kwamalasamutu by plane on July 10. The French used the budget allocated to the July 14 celebration…

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Virus Hunters in the Amazon

June 27, 2020 by Adriana Diaz – Universidad de los Andes-Colombia After almost two hours of flight in a small plane from Bogotá, Colombia, Martha Vives, Ángela Holguín and Santiago Hernández landed in the rain in the municipality of Villagarzón, Putumayo, at 11 am on Friday, June 26. For Martha, Deputy Dean of Sciences at…

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