French humanitarian operation for indigenous Surinamese

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July 11, 2020 – Publication: StarNieuws

France has donated 280 aid packages totaling some 4,000 kg of food and basic goods to indigenous Surinamese villages severely affected by Covid-19, flooding and isolation. The first packages were brought to Kwamalasamutu by plane on July 10.

Goods destined for Kwamalasamutu in southern Suriname are loaded.

The French used the budget allocated to the July 14 celebration to fund this humanitarian operation. This year, the French embassy will not hold a reception to commemorate Frances’ Independence Day due to the Covid-19 situation in Suriname. “Every year, the French National Celebration of July 14 reminds us of the values ​​that guide our Republic: freedom, equality and brotherhood.”

In honor of the brotherhood and friendship between France and its Surinamese neighbors, the former wishes to make a gesture in the form of the humanitarian operation. The Amazon Conservation Team is helping the French to carry out this operation. “It is during these difficult times of a global pandemic that solidarity and mutual assistance are needed,” the French Embassy said in a statement.

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