Colombia to Double the Size of Massive Amazon Reserve

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Colombia may more than double the size of the remote and poorly-known Chiribiquete National Park to make it the biggest protected area in the Colombian Amazon, reports El Espectador.

Under a proposal laid out last year, Colombia’s national park service is slated to expand Chiribiquete to about 3 million hectares, up from its current 1.3 million hectares. The park, located in southern Colombia, was established in 1989 and is home to more than 300 bird species, 7 monkey species, and 300 butterfly species.

Chiribiquete best known for its unusual rock formations, including mesa-like tepuis and dramatic waterfalls, but also features at least 32 cave painting sites with some 250,000 drawings, making it a key center for indigenous culture. The expansion would incorporate territories of two “uncontacted” indigenous groups that live in voluntary isolation from the outside world, according to Diana Castellanos, an official with the national park service.

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