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Tico Torres, an ACT Board Member: "Change Begins with the Children"

April 25, 2016

Late last month, the Amazon Conservation Team organized a trip to Kwamalasamutu in Suriname for friends of the environmental organization. This was carried out as part of its twentieth anniversary in Suriname. Among the group of visitors from the US was a world-famous artist, Tico Torres, drummer for the legendary rock band Bon Jovi.

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An Interactive Map of a Midcentury Botanist’s Amazonian Trips

April 23, 2016

You can delve into Schultes’s immersion in ritual and medicinal plants through the newly launched Amazonian Travels of Richard Evans Schultes, from the nonprofit Amazon Conservation Team (ACT), itself dedicated to working with indigenous people in the Amazon on ecological issues.

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El mapa interactivo que muestra los viajes de Schultes por el Amazonas

April 20, 2016

El Amazonas del que conoció durante un recorrido mítico Richard Evans Schultes está a un click de distancia: uno podrá internarse en la selva, conocer tribus indígenas, sus conocimientos, aventuras a lo largo del río y la selva. Plantas alucinógenas y medicinales.

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Announcing the 2016 Recipients of the Global Forest Watch Small Grants Fund

April 13, 2016

Global Forest Watch is proud to introduce this year’s 11 Small Grants Fund recipients. These organizations will join the distinguished cadre of 25 past grantees in using Global Forest Watch tools, data and knowledge to improve forest management, transparency and accountability around the world.

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Participatory Mapping in the Mobile Age

April 6, 2016

Open Data Kit helps the indigenous Kogi people map their land to empower stewardship of ancestral and ecologically important spaces in Colombia

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Traditional medicine clinics will be modernized

March 22, 2016

On Monday, the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) has given the start sign for modernizing the traditional medicine clinics in the indigenous villages of Apetina and Tepu in the District Sipaliwini in the South of Suriname.

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Amazon Tribes Use Mapping Technologies to Empower Cultural Stewardship of Ancestral Lands

March 16, 2016

ACT is undertaking a significant upgrade to our field data collection efforts—and that of our community partners—by introducing Open Data Kit (ODK) smartphone and tablet data collection forms.

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National Geographic Explorer-Correspondent Mireya Mayor Joins Amazon Conservation Team

February 19, 2016

National Geographic explorer, anthropologist, and conservationist, Mireya Mayor, is joining the Amazon Conservation Team to help communicate news of vital…

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The government of Caquetá Focuses Resources on its Indigenous Communities

December 21, 2015

On November 12, 2015, the 10,181 indigenous inhabitants of the Colombian department (state) of Caquetá compiled all of their needs and their historically violated rights in a single document. After three years of work in this region, a first comprehensive indigenous public policy was approved.

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Pushing Back Against an Amazon Gold Rush: Maps Lead the Way

December 9, 2015

“During a recent visit to rainforests of Suriname, I noticed that a particular problem is increasingly weighing on the minds of the Trio Indians of Kwamalasamutu village: some men are being seduced by the opportunity for pay in distant gold mining ventures, leaving the village for long periods of time and occasionally not returning at all.”

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