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The House of the Sun: The Story of the Alto Fragua Indi Wasi National Park

February 23, 2021
Members of the Inga Tandachiridu Inganokuna indigenous association with traditional healers from the Andes-Amazon transition region of Colombia

An unprecedented story in global conservation processes. A story of the courage of the Inga people, almost two decades after the declaration of the creation of the Alto Fragua Indi Wasi protected area.

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For the first time, Colombian Constitutional Court rulings are being translated into indigenous languages

February 22, 2021
This initiative serves to highlight the importance and contributions of the indigenous population to the development of Colombian society.

The Amazon Conservation Team and the Colombian Constitutional Court have joined forces to culturally and idiomatically interpret the most significant rulings of the Colombian Constitutional Court with respect to the protection of the nation’s ethnic communities. In a first project phase, the partners and indigenous community members adapted these rulings to 26 of the nation’s 65 languages.

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¡EL SOL TIENE CASA! Historia del coraje del pueblo ingano, a casi dos décadas de cumplirse la declaratoria de la creación del área protegida Alto Fragua Indi Wasi

February 19, 2021

Una historia sin precedentes en los procesos de conservación en el mundo

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Por primera vez las sentencias más emblemáticas de la Corte Constitucional colombiana, en temas de defensa de las comunidades étnicas, se adaptan a lenguas indígenas

February 18, 2021

Por primera vez, se unen fuerzas para interpretar cultural e idiomáticamente las sentencias más emblemáticas de la Corte Constitucional colombiana, en temas de defensa de las comunidades étnicas. Amazon Conservation Team se alió con la Corte Constitucional para, en una primera etapa, trabajar con 26 lenguas de las 65 que tiene el país. Este esfuerzo plantea un precedente para la defensa de los derechos de los indígenas, su autodeterminación y gobernanza, además fortalece lo dictado por la Constitución Política de Colombia de 1991 y la sociedad pluralista que espera ser.

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Major Rainforest Conservation Success in Colombia

December 1, 2020

The Aduche Indigenous Reserve in the Colombian Amazon is Expanded, connecting it to the World’s Largest Rainforest Conservation Corridor  

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Renewable Energy and Community Resilience in Amazonia

November 30, 2020

As part of a partnership with the C.S. Mott Foundation, which has brought solar energy to nearly 5,500 people in some of the Amazon’s most remote communities, ACT was able to install more than 570 solar energy systems during the pandemic, a crucial resource due to the ongoing interruptions caused by Covid-19.

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Facing Food Insecurity on the Front Lines: Agroforestry Solutions in the Amazon Rainforest During the COVID-19 Crisis

November 23, 2020

As COVID-19 spread quickly in South America, rapidly transforming it into an epicenter of the pandemic and drastically affecting its economy, the number of people…

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Interview with Evandro Bernardi | Covid-19 Response

September 5, 2020

We sat down with ACT’s Evandro Bernardi for a firsthand look at how indigenous communties in the Brazilian Amazon are being impacted by the virus,…

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Perseverance and Adaptation in the Face of COVID-19

August 7, 2020
Foggy Kwamalasamutu

How the global pandemic is impacting our indigenous partner communities in Suriname – a conversation with ACT’s Rayan Madhar on traditional knowledge in Suriname during COVID-19.

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Strengthening Indigenous Land Rights in Colombia

April 22, 2020
Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Kogui Census 2019 to 2019

In Santa Marta, Colombia, earlier this year, preparations began for a series of expeditions into the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. More than a dozen teams—each composed of indigenous peoples and western professionals—prepared their gear for weeks-long trips into the remote mountains.

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