The Land Fund

Returning Ancestral Lands to Indigenous Hands

Indigenous peoples in South America are in a centuries-long struggle to take back their land.

We partner with these communities in their fight for territorial justice. Through our Land Fund, we purchase and return ancestral territories to their rightful indigenous owners. These territories connect critical ecosystems and support biodiversity, protecting sacred sites and indigenous ways of life.

The lands that we are purchasing are located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Alto Putumayo of Colombia. The Land Fund needs your support to purchase these 2,385 acres of cultural significance. At ~$1,350 per acre, we have an ambitious goal of raising $3.2 million dollars for this effort. Can you make a donation to get land back into indigenous hands?

Goal: $3.2 million


This graphic is updated regularly as donations are processed, it is not updated automatically.

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The Fight for Territorial Justice