Message from the Heart of the World

In “The Heart of The World”, a hidden civilization endures.
They live in harmony with nature, in the ancient valleys of an isolated mountain range that ascends to 5,000 meters, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, which they consider to be the origin of all things. 
They are the Kogi people.
They have been called “Keepers of the Water”, and “Guardians of the Planet.” Regionally, they are thought to possess extraordinary knowledge that transcends their austere appearance.
But few outside of Colombia know who they are. 
The Kogi rarely allow outsiders to enter their lands. They are protective of their sacred territory and tropical forests. The Kogi believe they exist to care for the earth—an earth we are destroying.
But after many years, the Kogi high priests have broken their silence. They have chosen this Earth Day to send a message to the world.
Are you listening?
Watch, listen, and share this “Message from the Heart of the World”, brought to you by the Amazon Conservation Team.