Planned Giving

For more than twenty years, the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) has worked on the ground and hand-in-hand with indigenous peoples and local communities to protect forests by applying ancestral knowledge and modern technologies. Your generous support of our work over the years is deeply appreciated, and we would be honored to be part of your legacy. Through planned giving to ACT, you can leave a legacy while receiving considerable tax benefits.

Three forms of legacy giving are available to donors: bequests (wills); asset donation (including, life insurance, and retirement plan funds); and charitable trusts.


Through your will, you can donate all or part of your estate to ACT. When it is received by an IRS-approved charity organization like ACT, a bequest is fully tax-deductible for federal tax purposes, with no limit to the deduction your estate can claim. A bequest may also be exempt from state inheritance taxes; check your individual state guidelines.
Your personal attorney should be your primary advisor in preparing/amending your will, and can guide you in choosing among the multiple forms of bequests. Below, to help you plan, we provide general sample language incorporating the range of options.
I bequeath [the sum of _________ dollars] [all the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate] [an amount equal to _____ percent of the net value of my estate] to the Amazon Conservation Team (tax identification number 54-1915987), an environmental nonprofit organization located in Arlington, Virginia, USA. [Optional:] It is my intent that this bequest be used for [specify program area].


Life Insurance

By designating ACT as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, you can receive an income tax deduction equal to the policy’s value.

Retirement Plan

Because significant taxes are levied on retirement plans, donating these assets to ACT may enable you to leave more to your loved ones. To make such a gift, contact your retirement plan administrators to inform them that you wish to donate all or part of the account remainder to ACT.


Charitable trusts have two forms: charitable lead trusts, and charitable remainder trusts. Lead trusts have the advantage of providing an inheritance for your loved ones as well as a significant reduction in estate taxes and gift taxes, while providing ACT with immediate support. In remainder trusts, annual payments are issued to you or a loved one during a lifetime, and you will an immediate income tax deduction for your contribution; ACT receives the principal subsequently.

Your personal attorney should offer counsel to determine if either is appropriate for your situation, and assist with their creation. You also may want to consult a tax and/or financial advisor.

Beneficiary Designation

When naming ACT as a beneficiary, please use the following information on your beneficiary designation form.

Amazon Conservation Team
4211 N. Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22203

Federal Tax ID Number: 54-1915987

If you or your attorney would like ACT to provide you with additional information that is specific to your goal and interest, please contact us at or 703-522-4684.

The material presented on this website is not offered as legal or tax advice.