Monitoring Resources

ACT supports forest-monitoring efforts in the Amazon rainforest through the creation of geoportals and digital reports focusing on deforestation patterns and extractive industries, and through the creation of geospatial datasets that illustrate Amazonian biodiversity.

Environmental Monitoring of the Surinamese Rainforest geoportal

Built with GFW MapBuilder. overlay and analyze Global Forest Watch land & forest cover data together with Suriname-specific layers.
This report illustrates the major deforestation hotspots in the Colombian Amazon between 2001 and 2015 and investigates an important hotspot on the Caguán River. (2017, English and Spanish)
This report focuses on a deforestation hotspot surrounding La Paya National Park in the Putumayo Department of Colombia. (2017, English and Spanish)
This report investigates the Chiribiquete – Macarena deforestation hotspot, where new roads are threatening the expansion of Chiribiquete National Park. (2018, English and Spanish)
This report investigates deforestation caused by the extraction of oil in the extremely biodiverse Yasuni National Park. (2018, English and Spanish)
This report focuses on the impacts of open pit copper mining activity in the Ecuadorian Andes Amazon region. (2018, English and Spanish)
This report reviews deforestation hotspots in the Ecuadorian Amazon and illustrates the impact of palm oil cultivation. (2018, English and Spanish)
View an interactive vegetation structure map of the Colombian Amazon from 2007 to 2008, showing the distribution of different types of vegetation and flooded Amazonian territories in unprecedented detail through the innovative analysis of radar data. (2017, English and Spanish)