Mobile Learning Technology for Rainforest Students

Carlo Koorndijk
Monday, March 14, 2016

Cultural and environmental education and awareness-building are essential functions of ACT’s Suriname program. Now that the Junior Park Ranger ecological teaching publication series that ACT has been developing and applying with the youth of four rainforest villages is nearly complete, ACT now looks to provide these indigenous pupils with the technology available to more advantaged students in urban settings.

In the Wayana indigenous village of Apetina, in partnership with the local foundation Stichting Kuluwayak, ACT has launched a pilot project that provides older students with tablets so that they may gather and share audiovisual materials to expand their understanding of coursework; these are also being provided to indigenous children under scholarship to attend school in Suriname’s capital city, Paramaribo. For the city students, the devices are also helping to mitigate homesickness.

A special thanks to the students of Apetina for sharing the following festive video, the first produced with their new tools.