By: Semana
Publication: Semana (December 2015)
On November 12, 2015, the 10,181 indigenous inhabitants of the Colombian department (state) of Caquetá compiled all of their needs and their historically violated rights in a single document. After three years of work in this region, a first comprehensive indigenous public policy was approved.
By: Mark J. Plotkin, Ph.D.
Publication: Huffington Post (December 2015)
"During a recent visit to rainforests of Suriname, I noticed that a particular problem is increasingly weighing on the minds of the Trio Indians of Kwamalasamutu village: some men are being seduced by the opportunity for pay in distant gold mining ventures, leaving the village for long periods of time and occasionally not returning at all."
By: Camila Tovar
Publication: ¡Pacifista! (December 2015)
Recently, a comprehensive indigenous public policy was officially signed by the government of Colombia’s Caquetá region. The policy—drafted by seven indigenous groups with technical assistance from ACT—will, for the first time, provide a platform for the indigenous communities to have a say in Caquetá’s future.
By: Portugal Digital
Publication: Portugal Digital (October 2015)

Victor Gama estará em Brasília a 19 de outubro para apresentar um show em que toca instrumentos peculiares criados por ele mesmo. Sua peça mais recente "3 mil Rios: vozes da Floresta ", uma ópera multimídia, vai estrear em Lisboa e Bogotá em maio de 2016, encomendado pela Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. com apoio do Teatro Colon, a Amazon Conservation Team e Flora Arts + Natura.

By: Fariel Menso
Publication: De Ware Tijd (September 2015)

PARAMARIBO - Dorpelingen van het inheemsendorp Pelulu Tepu leven al ruim vijftien jaar zonder energie. De lichtmotor is buiten gebruik door problemen met de aanvoer van brandstof. De 51-jarige Ana Nantawi en de 44-jarige Ketura Aparaka willen de situatie veranderen.

By: La Nación
Publication: La Nación (September 2015)

Según el Ideam, en el 2014 el departamento del Caquetá concentró el 24.7% de la deforestación total del país, es decir unas 29.870 hectáreas en zonas clave para la biodiversidad.Paisajes Conectados en Caquetá, proyecto liderado por el Fondo Acción en alianza con Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) y la Gobernación del Caquetá.

By: Apoorva Joshi
Publication: Mongabay (July 2015)

A landmark achievement was celebrated in southwest Colombia in May when the Colombian Institute for Rural Development approved the expansion of the Inga people’s Yunguillo Indigenous Reserve. ACT helped facilitate the expansion along with the Inga community, INCODER, and regional indigenous organizations.