By: Juan Carlos Piedrahíta B.
Publication: El Espectador (June 2016)
“3 mil RÍOS: Voces en la Selva”, una creación del compositor Víctor Gama inspirada en el texto “Cariba Malo” de Roberto Franco, es una ópera multimedia cantada a través de las historias de personas que habitan los bosques tropicales de la Amazonia colombiana y brasileña, la costa Pacífica y las montañas de los Andes.
By: Charles Chang
Publication: De Ware Tijd (April 2016)
Late last month, the Amazon Conservation Team organized a trip to Kwamalasamutu in Suriname for friends of the environmental organization. This was carried out as part of its twentieth anniversary in Suriname. Among the group of visitors from the US was a world-famous artist, Tico Torres, drummer for the legendary rock band Bon Jovi.
By: Allison Meier
Publication: Hyperallergic (April 2016)

You can delve into Schultes’s immersion in ritual and medicinal plants through the newly launched Amazonian Travels of Richard Evans Schultes, from the nonprofit Amazon Conservation Team (ACT), itself dedicated to working with indigenous people in the Amazon on ecological issues.

By: Nathan Hahn
Publication: Mongabay (April 2016)

Open Data Kit helps the indigenous Kogi people map their land to empower stewardship of ancestral and ecologically important spaces in Colombia

By: Fariel Menso
Publication: De Ware Tijd (March 2016)

On Monday, the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) has given the start sign for modernizing the traditional medicine clinics in the indigenous villages of Apetina and Tepu in the District Sipaliwini in the South of Suriname.

By: Mireya Mayor, Ph.D.
Publication: National Geographic (March 2016)

ACT is undertaking a significant upgrade to our field data collection efforts—and that of our community partners—by introducing Open Data Kit (ODK) smartphone and tablet data collection forms.

By: David Maxwell Braun
Publication: National Geographic (February 2016)
National Geographic explorer, anthropologist, and conservationist, Mireya Mayor, is joining the Amazon Conservation Team to help communicate news of vital projects and expand global awareness about the plight of the Amazon region, the nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving South Americ