ACT in the Press

Are you ready to delve into ACT's work across northern South America? In the stories below, you'll learn more about our projects, as well as meet some of our key partners, including indigenous leaders. Written by journalists at prominent publications, ACT staff or friends of our organization, these articles provide a glimpse into our myriad programs.

Combining The Power Of Technology With Grassroots Insight

by: Carolina Gil Sanchez
Publication: Co.Exist (November 2012)

Technology can do a lot to help an organization with its social mission, but it can’t make up for real, on-the-ground interaction with the problem you’re trying to fix.

Seeing the Forest, the Trees, and the People in Them

by: Dawn Thren
Publication: RAISG (November 2012)

Schaufeld’s philosophy on “making an impact” reaches beyond her neighborhood with her involvement with the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT), a nonprofit organization that works to protect the earth’s most diverse terrestrial ecosystem in partnership with the land’s indigenous people. Having visited the rainforest and learning that protecting the culture and way of life of the tribes is imperative to saving the land, Schaufeld recognized the groundbreaking work of the small group and became a board member.

Ancient Myths Proven to Help Environmental Protection

by: Laura Sinpetru
Publication: (November 2012)

In a speech delivered at the annual meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation in Brazil, Ashley Massey, a researcher from Oxford University, recently explained that certain cultural beliefs are in fact beneficial to the well-being of the natural world, especially when it comes to keeping some forest areas safe from harm.

Jeff Skoll's Billion-Dollar Plan To Save The World

by: Kerry A. Dolan
Publication: (September 2012)

Four years ago Jeff Skoll arrived via small plane in the depths of the Brazilian Amazon region, just in time for the Waura people’s festival of the pique fruit, where he sipped from a bucket of its bitter, bright-yellow brew.