Every Book 100 Times

Steven Leeflang
Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Every year, ACT runs a booth in Suriname’s annual children’s book festival in the capital city of Paramaribo. During the festival, ACT representatives share more about our youth-oriented publications that emphasize natural conservation. These include the Junior Park Ranger series and “De Leerling van de Sjamaan” (The Shaman’s Apprentice).

Charlaine reads "De Leerling van de Sjamaan". Click to enlarge

Charlaine Tawada, an indigenous sixth-grader and avid reader from Kwamalasamutu in Suriname’s rainforest interior, attended as one of ACT’s special guests. Charlaine read stories to an audience of children from the nation’s capital Paramaribo. The boy featured in The Shaman’s Apprentice, Kamainja, is Charlaine’s grandfather.

Although Charlaine’s long-term goal is to study at a university in Paramaribo, her concerns during the festival were more immediate:

“I’ve read every one of my books 100 times,” she said. “I would really be happy if I could receive new books. Then I would read the whole day in Kwamalasamutu.”

Dutch version can be read on the ACT Suriname website.